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MMN60©  unleashes
The Explosive Power of your Subconscious Mind

Master each Syllabus in  60 Minutes or less!

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The explosive power of your subconscious mind plays a very important part in  MMN60©.  It has been painstakingly and thoroughly researched and  created to enable you to remember what your eyes "photograph" at lightning speed!  It's a mind blowing experience which you may have never encountered before! If you follow MMN60© thoroughly, you will remember what you have learned in the shortest possible time permanently! 


Rowland created MMN60©  in 1999 and experimented on his students, Then based on the findings, countless adjustments were made up to its current finest point. 


Most of the students were able to master each syllabus within 60 minutes! Some were able to do it within 30 minutes!

MMN60©  is available in Video Format and introduced to all music lovers throughout the world through the Internet!  


MMN60©  is especially created for those who are not familiar with notes reading at all but really love to learn them in the shortest possible way.  And enjoy and having fun while doing it!   Once you have mastered notes reading, you can apply it to any musical instrument!  Have you ever dreamed of playing as good as Santana, Liberace, Rick Springfield, Kenny G and many other great musicians? It's easy once you have learned MMN60©.

Choir Members (Sight Readers) of St. Simon Catholic Church, Likas, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

MMN60© is also applicable to vocalists, especially Choir Members, who wish to master SIGHT READING.  With MMN60©, choir masters need not spend countless hours teaching their members to memorize their part using the traditional "learning by heart" method. Once members have mastered the art of sight reading, they simply sing their part from their respective music sheets. 

Notes (treble and bass clefs) can be applied to virtually all musical instruments, except for drums and percussion. And surprise your friends by knowing how to play various musical instruments and sing with the aid of music sheets.


MMN60© teaches you how to master music notes up to 4 octaves.  They will give you an explosive, mind-blowing musical  knowledge!

One of the hardest parts in learning music is trying to remember the positions of every note!  To make things worse, the positions of Treble notes are different to the Bass notes!   It is hard enough to remember notes of one clef let alone two! (Why do they have to make things so difficult!)  But don't worry, MMN60© will solve this problem for you.


Unlike other books where you have to read for ages trying to figure out how the system works, MMN60© comes with a VERY-EASY-TO-FOLLOW Instructions displayed in the video.  

MMN60© costs less than a night out with friends, having a hamburger and few drinks.  A small payment for such an explosive system!  But the skill you acquire in mastering the notes at lightning speed is priceless. 

And MMN60© also teaches you how to train your subconscious mind to remember things and events at lightning speed! This skill can be passed down to your children and other family members.   Imagine the amount of money you save on Tuition fees!  

Nothing is too expensive where specialized knowledge and skill  gain are involved.


You can do it the hardest and longest way or the easiest and shortest way.  The end result is still the same.  The easiest way comes with a lot less tuition fees, frustrations and headaches!  Why  waste valuable time learning the notes the hard way if you can do it in quarter or less the time and use your saved time and money for other useful things?   You may feel that MMN60©  is expensive.... Is it really so?    How much is your tuition fee per month?   $50? $75?  $100?    How much do you have to spend before you can master the notes?  $500?   $1,000?  MMN60© only costs a fraction of this amount!  And you will most likely complete every syllabus within 60 minutes!

MMN60© is a speedup supplement to music tuition.   It does not replace music tutors. Once you have mastered the basics, you may require the help of music tutors to guide you.  But a number of Rowland's members who have the basic idea on how the notes work, have found MMN60© to be sufficient enough to help them without having to go through music tuition.

If you do have children who are taking music lesson, then
MMN60©  will greatly assist them through their music course in quarter or less the time and you will save a fortune on tuition fees!  No more getting frustrated in learning the notes till wee hours of the morning.  

Study of music is not complete if you and/or your children have not learned the art of notes reading, that is, the ability to play and sing a melody using notes as guidance. This aspect of playing musical instruments has been recognized as being technically demanding and the laborious technical notes reading involved have discouraged many amateur musicians in pursuing their interests.



This is where MMN60© comes to their rescue. The aim of MMN60© is to make the process of learning musical instruments and singing a meaningful and enjoyable experience. 

You are taught how to master music  notations, positions and values of the notes in the easiest and shortest possible way. 
MMN60©  will give you a sense of achievement, and eventually you may be encouraged to undertake from basic tuneful exercises to the mastery of advanced music playing and singing. 

In the course of learning the art of notes reading, you will have developed the basic skills of playing the instruments and singing. This will in turn provides you with a general grounding on technique when you progress further through your music course. 

Once you have the ability to read notes without hesitation, you will have the confidence to handle your instrument and voice with full determination. 


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SYLLABUS 1 - consists of 6 Videos

6 Video Lessons. Treble Clef, 10 Natural Notes, Mid Octave from key B to D


Other Syllabi coming soon!

Include: 32 Notes covering up to 4 Octaves, Bass clef, Sharp and Flat Notes,     Values, Music Notations, Measures, Note Values and Rests.


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